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The fact is, having a well-written, memorable bio is becoming really important in today’s business climate. With the advent of social media and businesses going global because of the internet, having your bio written and ready to go is a must! It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in; your clients, customers, or if you happen to be on a specific site (such as a dating site or social networking site like LinkedIn), potential life-mates or business contacts want to know more about who they will potentially be dealing with. 

The other plus of having a well-written bio is it breeds familiarity, not only among co-workers but also members of the public. Let’s take your local police department. Police departments in many cities share information about those in leadership positions (such as captains or chiefs) in a bio or press release. Often they are written out more as a career resumes. In as much as we are happy that our local law enforcement is being led by capable leaders, it puts a wall up. That’s what happens when a personal bio is doing the job of a resume.

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Obviously, a well-written bio has to mention your career or job, but the reader often just wants the highlights. Your bio needs to tell a little bit about you as a person, not what’s on the resume. Just imagine you’re invited to a customer appreciation party at a business you frequent so you can get to know the staff by mingling in a social situation. If you end up talking to one of the employees and all they talk about is how they got their job and their qualifications, you would want to leave immediately and probably hide if you saw them again!

A well-written, memorable bio is a way to mingle, so others get a chance to feel they know who you are and make a connection. Perhaps your local police department had an open house, and you find out that police chief goes to Comic-Con every year dressed as Aquaman! Imagine if you read this on the police department’s website, you’d feel that your local police had a secret superhero…bingo! This is a nice connection!

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