You Have a Life — All You Need Is a Bio

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Bios can be a benchmark for where you are right now. Most people who are asked for a professional bio and make an attempt to write one get writer’s block. Many people have a hard time writing their own professional bio because they don’t feel they are where they want to be in life. Or it could be perhaps it is because they are just starting out in their journey.

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Remember — a bio is not a eulogy. Life is not necessarily linear; it would be nice if life did have some sense of sequential order, but it doesn’t. Life is messy and it is up to us to make sense of it. Making sense of your life to write a professional bio has to be done without judgment. 

Your professional bio can be used as a benchmark of where you are right now. A professional bio is also meant to be updated very much like a resume — but please remember, a bio is not a resume! 

Think of your bio as a written representation of who you are as a person. In other words, what you would say in your professionally written bio should pretty much mirror what you would say at a small gathering when meeting new people. Your colleagues and associates want to know about what you are currently doing — they want to catch a glimpse of your personality. So, for example, you could share your interest in Ironman competitions, or give insight about the day you decided to become a forensic anthropologist. If you tell a short story about your career choice, it is a nice way to add personality and leave a lasting impression in your reader’s mind.

A great bio will take the reader on a journey into your life! So be a gracious host and welcome them, because no matter where you are in life, you’re worth getting to know.

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