The Tattoo Artist Bio: What You Need to Know

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According to Dr. David Lane, an assistant professor at Illinois State University who has done considerable comprehensive research on tattooing, believes that tattoos have been around for at least 5,000 years. Dr. Lane goes on to say, “The oldest human remains we’ve recovered have tattoos on them.”

Interestingly, at one time, they were considered illegal, or at the very least frowned upon if trying to get hired for a job. Of course, it would depend on what job you were applying for. 

Luckily, things have changed on how tattoos are looked upon by the mainstream, changing the future of the tattoo industry. Shows such as Ink Master have brought great focus on tattooing as an art form and method of personal expression that actually contributes to good mental health as part of the healing process.

tattoo artist bio

The tattoo artist bio is very specific. It should be written to describe the tattoo artist and attract the right clientele. The tattoo artist bio becomes a great marketing tool and an essential part of your branding.

Include your specialty style or styles in your tattoo artist bio:


New School






Black and Grey


Stick and Poke





Realistic Trash Polka



You should also include in your professional bio if you have apprenticed, with whom, and for how long. When describing your apprenticeship, give as many professional details as you feel comfortable sharing, such as the skills you have acquired that make you stand out. 

You should also include your philosophy as to why tattoos are important to you and why the acceptance of tattoos is important. The tattoo artist bio is unique because so much of who you are is part of your art, and the energy or essence that you give will be important to your clients, as well as the tattoo shop looking to hire you as a tattoo artist.

Important note: education should be included in your tattoo artist bio. While going to college (although depending on the major) will mean a lot, having had an apprenticeship with a master can make your career, especially if you already have the chops.  

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